Version 2020.5

Oct 13, 2020


  • 🎈New: External scripts support. Add new functions to Esse with external JavaScript scripts.
  • 🎈New: Help section on the website, use Settings -> FAQ or go to
  • ⚙️Improved: Light UI refresh for iOS 14


  • 🎈New: External scripts support. Add new functions to Esse with external JavaScript scripts.
  • 🎈New: macOS Services Support
  • 🎈New: Esse command line tool, all Esse functions can be used in Terminal scripts
  • ⚙️Refreshed UI - removed sidebar, improved main menu, updated menu bar icon, new shortcuts.

Version 2020.4

Jul 6, 2020


  • 🎈New: “Developer” category, new transformations


  • 🎈New: Command Palette - keyboard only access to transformation library
  • 🎈New: Selected transformations can be reordered in the transformation bar
  • 🎈New: “Developer” category, new transformations
  • 🎈New: Alfred integration, download official workflow from

Version 2020.3

May 31, 2020

  • 🎈New: Custom Fonts Support
  • 🎈New: “Prettify JSON”
  • 🎈New: “Prettify and Sort JSON”
  • ⚙️Improved: “List: Add Line Numbers\Bullets” skips empty lines
  • 🐛Fixed: Dark theme for Action Extension
  • 🐛Fixed: Long function’s description now fit on screen

Version 2020.1

Feb 28, 2020

  • 🎈New “Wrap Paragraph in Quotes”
  • 🎈New “Text Stats”
  • 🎈New “List: Add Line Numbers \ Bullets” functions, 4 variants
  • 🎈Dynamic Text support
  • 🐛Fixed a bunch of typos

Version 2.1

Dec 29, 2019

  • 🎈New “Spell out Numbers” function.
  • 🎈New “Strip Numeric Characters” function.
  • 🎈New “Remove All non Alphanumeric Characters” function.
  • 🎈New “What’s New” section in settings.
  • 🎈New “Done” button to dismiss the keyboard
  • 🐛Fixed: Today Widget is unreadable when system is in Dark Mode

Version 2.0.2-3

Oct 10, 2019

  • 🎈New Unquote Sentence Functions. Unquotes sentence ignoring quotes within the sentence.
  • 🐛Fixed: Context menus style(Dark\Light) may not match app style in certain conditions.

Version 2.0.1

Sep 22, 2019

  • 🐛Fixes for iPhone layout

Version 2.0

Sep 19, 2019

This major update of Esse brings new functions, new iPad optimized layout and full support of the latest iOS, including new powerful Shortcuts.

  • 🎈New Scratchpad. Transform your text by combining multiple functions at once. Optionally you can save a set of functions as a custom function to use it later.
  • 🎈New shortcuts with natural language style parameters will simplify the use of Esse functions in the Shortcuts app. A brand new “Transform Text File” shortcut action can apply Esse functions to a text file, stored in iCloud Drive
  • 🎈New iPad optimized interface layout, including new multi column view and context menus
  • 🎈New Count Unique Words function
  • 🎈New Extract Phone Number function
  • 🎈New Extract Email function
  • 🎈New Extract Date function
  • 🎈New Extract Address function
  • 🎈New Chicago Manual of Style capitalization function
  • 🎈New Shuffle Words function
  • 🎈New Shuffle Sentences function
  • ⚙️Minor Search improvements, now you can search functions not only by name but by description as well
  • 🎈Support for Light and Dark theme, with option to override System appearance
  • 🐛Fixed: Custom functions not visible in Share sheet and Today widget

Esse stays free of charge, ads and any kind of tracking. We hope it can make your life a little easier, if you like the app - spread a word.


May 11, 2019

  • 🎈New “Extract URL” - Extracts URLs from given text, outputs one URL per line
  • ⚙️Updated “Wrap in Quotes” - Wraps provided text in quotes, replacing all existing double quotes with single quotes
  • 🐛Fixed: Custom functions not showing in Action Extension and Today Widget more


Feb 5, 2019


  • 🎈New function: ROT13 Conversion
  • ⚙️Share Button to quickly share text conversion result
  • ⚙️Transformation preview on function page live updated with the current input text
  • ⚙️Keyboard shortcuts: CMD+V to paste from clipboard, CMD+F to start search
  • ⚙️All Icons now follow theme accent color
  • 🐛Fixed: Keyboard appearance doesn’t follow current theme
  • 🐛Fixed: UI glitch(wrong color) in Function Library after theme switch


Dec 17, 2018 Two new transformations:

  • 🎈Emojify - automatically replace text with emojis
  • 🎈Strip non numeric characters - handy when you want to unify phone numbers, i.e. (234) 222-112-33 -> 23422211233
  • ️️⚙️UI has been optimized to support new iPads Pro.


Oct 13, 2018

Initial release.